Teachers Needed in Tokyo, Japan

Message from the Principal

Konnichiwa, and welcome to MIKE'S ENGLISH SCHOOL!

I'd like to start by telling applicants that we are proud of our team here at Mike's.
Our Japanese staff and native English-speaking teachers work together, in the same school, in the same office, for the same reason: to educate our students in English conversation. Established in 1972, our school has provided quality English learning for over 40 years to students ranging from infants less than a year old (with parents present!) to senior citizens, using our own original method, our own teaching material, and our own learning philosophy.

We are not teaching "English class" in the manner of a school subject. We are teaching our own brand of "English conversation"―a highly sought out, yet elusive communication skill set that is difficult to obtain from most educational institutions here in Japan.

In a teaching industry where English schools are abundant and demand remains strong, we believe our warm, friendly environment is truly like none other you will find. If you're looking for a teaching position in Japan, please take a look around on our website and see for yourself what Mike's is all about.

Thank you for your interest.

Cultural experiences

To those applicants looking to really dive headfirst into new and exciting cultural experiences, we'd like to present one of our most unique undertakings here at Mike's English School. Many of our staff and students take part in school-sponsored events featuring Awaodori, a 400-year-old tradition of Japanese folk music and dance that remains a cherished cultural treasure to this day. Though the dance can be performed elaborately by professionals and hardcore enthusiasts, its origins lie in centuries-old
Japanese street festivals where the masses would gather and celebrate freely regardless of age, gender, or social rank. To us, Awaodori represents not only a part of our rich heritage but also an opportunity―to share our sense of national identity with the rest of the world, and bring people together for a deeper exchange of ideas and perspective.

There are also many cultural experiences around our school that you can experience. Every summer the local shrine has an Obon Festival, you're close to historic temples at Takahatafudou, and the scenic and popular Mt. Takao is only 25 minutes away by train. If you're interested in something more modern then, Tama is home to Sanrio Puroland, you can take in the annual Santa Marathon that runs along the Tama River. The big city is close by as well,Shinjuku is only 25 minutes away on the Keio line, but
the area around Mike's has the shops to help you find the modern amenities you might miss from home as well as the unique Japanese take on consumer goods.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration and we invite you to join us in sharing your culture with Japan while Japan shares it's culture with you.


自分に合ったスクールか体験レッスンで見極めてください 自分に合ったスクールか体験レッスンで見極めてください


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