Job Information

Job InformationWould you be happy working for our company, and would we be satisfied with your work?We conduct interviews to make sure that our school and you will both fit together well and meet the other's expectations. A general profile of the kind of teachers who have helped us survive and to grow in a competitive language instruction market could help you decide if this is the teaching job for you:

We are a business. Our business is education. Our students are our customers. Successful teachers in the past have had an appreciation of what it takes to keep a company running for a long time. We are a Japanese company, and teachers who feel comfortable working here are understanding of the way a business operates here.

  • Job Information We teach many children's classes. All of our teachers have come to us with prior experience working with children. If you have no experience working with children, your application would be judged next to others who have exactly what we are looking for--classroom teachers or teachers' aids, camp counselors, coaches, day care providers or after-school child care.
  • Job Information Our school can have more than a hundred students, parents and baby siblings come and go in the course of a couple of hours. If you're uncomfortable around noisy, boisterous kids, you wouldn't be comfortable here.
  • Job Information Our best teachers have been playful and expressive.
    We sing songs in class, and we play language games. They have a sincere interest in their students' well-being and academic progress.
  • Job Information We also teach adults of widely different backgrounds and ages.
    Our students want conversation instruction and correction from the teacher that will be immediately useful to them when they walk outside the school, and the opportunity to speak English.

Job Information

Teachers are patient with all levels of students, and many of our students have not used English in years--the teacher has to be enthusiastic about teaching the simplest kind of greetings and questions and answers with beginners for fifty minutes. Our teachers carry themselves professionally, but are accessible and friendly. They are interested in seeing their students enjoy making progress in every class.


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