Application Form

To apply for employment as a teacher of English conversation at MIKE'S ENGLISH SCHOOL,
please fill out this form and click the "Transmit" button.
We cannot consider any application if there are any omissions or inaccurate information.
Thank you for your interest in Mike's English School.
The school will not retransmit or copy any personal information, photographs or documents, except to provide Japanese immigration with the documents needed for a work visa should the candidate be hired.

2.Date of birth year/month/dates*
4.Phone Number*
5.E-mail address*
7.College, Degree Earned and Graduation Date
8.Work Experience
9.Passport expiration date

10.Are you able to send your resume with two passport-style photographs via E-mail?*
The following information is required for the teaching visa application;

11.Are you able to send your original university transcripts?*
The following information is required for the teaching visa application;

12.Are you able to send a photocopy of your college diploma?*
The following information is required for the teaching visa application;

13.Are you able to send a photocopy of your passport with your picture on it?*
The following information is required for the teaching visa application;

14.Are you able to send 5 or more photographs of yourself via e-mail?*

15.Are you able to write a handwritten self-introduction and scan it to send via e-mail?*

16.Are you able to write a letter stating the reasons you want to work at Mike's English School?*

17.Do you have any medical condition that would prevent you from performing the teaching duties described on our homepage?*

18.Are you able to send three letters of recommendation from professional references with their names, job titles, E-mail address and phone number?*

19.Do you mind if the school contacts the references directly?*

20.Are you willing to have a phone interview with a manager and two or three other school employees?*

21.Do you have experience working with children?*

22.Do you have experience teaching English?*

23.Have you seen our school's homepage on the Internet, and do you understand the working conditions described?*

24.Have you ever been arrested?*

25.Have you ever been to Japan?*

26.Do you have any special talents (musical, artistic, dramatic, athletic, or anything you could contribute to our school)?*

27.The school arranges an apartment for the teacher. Are you willing to live in the school-sponsored apartment?*

28.Are you unable to work on any particular day of the week for personal reasons?*

29.Are you available to participate in a Christmas party and Halloween party?*

30.Documents and photographs will not be returned whether we hire you or not. Is this acceptable?*

31.Are you able to arrive in Japan by July 15, 2019, and teach at the School untill July 31, 2020?*

32.Are you able to pay for your own airfare to Japan, and do you have the funds to cover your daily living expenses for approximately half a month?*

33.Can you get your own travel insurance for the coverage of accident or sickness before the starting date of the contract?*

34.Reasons for wanting to come to Japan.*

35.Comments: If you would like to clarify any of your responses above--for example, availability of documents, arrival dates, medical conditions, etc,--please do so here. Reasons for wanting to come to Japan.*


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