Kairyn and Kiara

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Hi everyone, I'm Kairyn Kreller. I was born in Fresno California and I am half Japanese and half American. I can speak both Japanese and English fluently so I'm excited to be able to have nice conversation with you all. I have a twin sister who is nine minutes older than me and a younger sister who is four years younger than me. I am going to Chuo University to study global business and one day build my own company.
I have done 13 years of ballet and dancing is my passion. I have also done modeling for fun, too.
This is a new experience for me and I can't wait to get to know you all.

Hello everyone!
My name is Kiara and I am so excited to grow your English abilities through online and in person. I am bilingual in Japanese and English as I grew up in both Japan and America. I love to dance, sing and play the ukulele! I also enjoy indoor and outdoor activities.
I cannot wait to meet you all and start expanding your English!!



自分に合ったスクールか体験レッスンで見極めてください 自分に合ったスクールか体験レッスンで見極めてください


今すぐ体験レッスンを申込む 自信があるからこそ、しつこい勧誘は行っておりません。