Hey everyone! It’s Luna! How are you? 
I just wanted to say that I’m sorry if you’ve been feeling that “corona blues”. 
It’s hard! But we support you. 
Everyone who has come over to Zoom classes - Thank you so much!! 
Everyone who is trying to come over - I believe in you! 
Everyone who can’t make it - we understand. 
Hopefully one day you can switch over to Zoom.
I would personally love to see you again. 
Anyway, keep studying with us and I’ll see you soon!


Dear students,  

Let's do our best! This is a difficult time so let's stay safe and improve ourselves together. 
During this time internet skills are crucial so lets develop them alongside each other. 
This is a great opportunity to change and grow. Let's continue learning and meeting online.  
Please take care! 


Thank you so much for all your support so far. 
You've all been working hard with us online and I look forward to seeing you every time. 
Please keep up the hard work and I know that your English and these new IT skills will help 
you more than you think. I look forward to seeing you online soon!


Dear students,

By now, you should have already received a letter about the continuation of online lessons at 
Mike's English School. I wanted to reach out, personally, one last time to those of you who have 
not yet tried taking a Zoom lesson.

COVID-19 has changed the world and forced all of us to adapt to a new way of life. 
In recent months, you may have heard the phrase "social distancing" in the media. 
But just because we are physically distant does not mean we have to be socially distant.

Now more than ever, the ability to communicate online is an important skill to develop. 
Of course, you can use this skill to communicate with foreigners. But you can also use it to socialize 
with friends and keep in touch with family members.

If you've been hesitant about joining an online lesson, please keep an open mind and try it at least once. 
In English, there's another phrase: "Don't knock it till you've tried it." This means you have to try something
before you really know you don't like it.

Hope to see you online!

Best regards,

 Hello to all of my language friends:

I have moved to New York City!
No, I am only joking. But, have you seen me with our new online lessons? 
I am using a giant wall poster of New York as my backdrop. 
People like it better than my other backdrop, which is my original cartoon art. 
Too wild! Too much color!

Also recently, I got a new headset which makes it easier than ever to communicate with you. 
I can hear better, and my voice is louder ( too loud! ).  You will see that I have already switched 
to cool biz, so I am wearing one of my many aloha Hawaiian shirts when I talk with you. 
And I’m playing the ukulele and sometimes the guitar. Go ahead, make a request!

I’m really looking forward to seeing you and talking to you in the near future, via the miracle of 
modern technology. 
Most of my regular students have been joining the online lesson, but if you haven’t yet, please do. 
I promise a fun and colorful and not too loud lesson!

See you soon. 
Mike Thompson