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MIKE'S ENGLISH SCHOOL, Tokyo Japan needs Teachers. One-year contract starting at various times of the year, Visa sponsorship, Insurance, Housing available.


Teachers Needed in Tokyo, Japan


Principal Masaharu Mizuno

Mike's Staff Members

Message from the Principal

Konnichiwa and welcome to MIKE'S ENGLISH SCHOOL, which was established in 1972.

I would like to start by telling applicants that we are proud of our team; the Japanese staff and the native English teaching staff work together, in the same school, in the same office, for the same reason: to educate our students in English conversation. Over three decades, we have been teaching students from one-year old (with a parent!) to senior citizens, with our own method, with our own material, with our own philosophy.

We are not teaching "English", as a school subject, we are teaching our own "English conversation", which students want, but very difficult to get in public schools here in Japan.

We are also teaching our own "English conversation" to adults in a warm, friendly environment which we believe is different from any other conversation school in Japan.

Thank you for your interest in MIKE'S ENGLISH SCHOOL.
Masaharu Mizuno